Product of Kaizu, Gifu Prefecture
Made from Fuyu Persimmons
Traditional standing fermentation

HALIYO Kaki Vinegar

The city of Kaizu in Gifu prefecture, where Haliyo’s brewery is situated, has been an area well known for its production of Fuyu kakis (persimmons) since ancient times. We make it by letting only fully ripened Fuyu kakis, a popular varietal with a high sugar content that is unique to Japan and is painstakingly grown by the farmers of this region, ferment for over two years without adding any water at all.
Kakis are so rich in nutrition that there is an old saying that goes, “The doctors turn blue when the kakis turn red.”
It is a very aromatic luxurious healthy vinegar overflowing with those nutrients. Take some every day to take care of your health while enjoying its delicious taste.
Aged unpasteurized extra-virgin

Aged unpasteurized extra-virgin
(720ml / 100ml)

A brown, aged vinegar that has fermented and matured for over two years. Because no heat was used during the manufacturing process it contains live enzymes. The fresh aroma of kakis drifts floridly outward, similar to that of fruit wine. Due to its long aging period, this kaki vinegar is characterized by a mellow acidity deep flavor with a long aftertaste.
Sold only within Japan
Barrel finished series

About the brand name Haliyo

The brand name Haliyo Kaki Vinegar comes from the Japanese name of the freshwater smallhead stickleback fish (Japanese: haliyo,) a “living natural treasure” found in the city of Kaizu in Gifu prefecture, where our brewery is located.
Kaizu city is an area rich in beautiful nature, where rainwater falls on the Yoro mountain range and goes through an alluvial fan, before emerging as subsoil water from water springs. Because smallhead sticklebacks can only live in areas with fresh spring water, their numbers dwindle each year throughout Japan. These days, they can only be found in a limited number of places in Japan, and they have been designated as an endangered species. Our kaki vinegar is made with the same water as that of the beautiful natural area where the smallhead stickleback thrives.
Together with the people of this area, we keep a watchful eye so that the habitat of the endangered smallhead stickleback is suitably protected. By adopting “Haliyo” as our brand name, it is our hope that we will be able to contribute to activities to conserve the beautiful water and nature of this area for future generations.
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A message from our head brewer

The only ingredients used to make Haliyo Kaki Vinegar are kakis.
Carefully selected kakis are put into finishing tanks and are turned into kaki vinegar by using the natural fermentation power of the pure fruit to carefully bring out the elements of the kakis over time. Because of this, depending on the characteristics of the kakis that were harvested that year, every year you can look forward to “the taste of that year”, with their own characteristic natural flavors and scents, just like with wine and brandy.
I believe you will be able to discover a new kind of vinegar, that undoubtedly is a bit different from the image you may have of kakis as a fruit.

The secret of its delicious taste

By slowly fermenting and aging over time, many of the natural organic acids and amino acids are secreted. It is characterized by a flowery ripe aroma without any acridity and with mellow acidity.
Choice ingredients

Choice ingredients

We use fuyu kakis grown in Kaizu city, Gifu prefecture, which have high sugar content. Because this land is an alluvial fan that spreads out to the Nobi Plain, its water is of high quality. This allows us to grow kakis with especially condensed sweetness and high sugar content. This high sugar content is the source of the high fermentation power and lets us make delicious kaki vinegar.
Meticulous manufacturing

Meticulous manufacturing

We carefully select kakis one by one based on sugar content and ripeness and let them fully ripen without using any water. The kaki vinegar is made using ancient “standing fermentation”, which is uncommon these days, and letting it ferment and age for over two years.

Health from the inside out

Slowly brewed over time, Haliyo Kaki Vinegar contains a concentrated and luxurious blend of the healthful elements that are found in kakis, such as polyphenols and potassium.
We hope you will be healthy each day with kaki vinegar by making it part of your everyday life.

Kaki vinegar that combines the qualities of both kakis and vinegar

(*1) Contains approximately four times more potassium than black vinegar and approximately four times more than rice vinegar
(measured by Japan Food Research Laboratories)
(*2) When taking one tablespoon (15cc) a day

Kaki vinegar – rich in amino acids

Haliyo Kaki Vinegar contains more than five times more free amino acids than distilled rice vinegar.
The synergy of its combined elements expands its flavor and livens up food in surprising ways.
By adding a little bit of it to low-salt dishes you can enhance their flavor.
Comparison of free amino acids in Haliyo Kaki Vinegar and distilled rice vinegar
* Among amino acids, free amino acids are the elements that affect flavor (taste compounds.)
Comparison of free amino acids in Haliyo Kaki Vinegar and distilled rice vinegar
*1 Measured values for Haliyo Kaki Vinegar (as measured by Japan Food Research Laboratories)
*2 Free Amino Acids are those amino acids that contain a taste component (five tastes).
Kaki vinegar as a part of a daily diet

Kaki vinegar as a part of a daily diet

Haliyo Kaki Vinegar 100ml bottles are designed to be easy to use. They come with a dropping pipet so that you can easily use it every day to taste at the dinner table.
We also have 720ml bottles on offer for those who use it for a wide range of seasonings.

Serving suggestions


As an ingredient for salad dressing.
To put on fried foods, such as French fries

On sauteed meat and fish

As a seasoning ingredient for Japanese cooking such as sushi rice and vinegared pickles.
As an underlying taste in stewed dishes such as ratatouille and curry.
To make sauces for sashimi, carpaccio, etc.
As a pickling liquid.


Blend it into ice cream or yogurt.
On cheesecake.


Diluted in carbonated water with honey.
In fruit juice, vegetable juice, and smoothies.
In cocktails, beer, and shochu.

Please note

Because this product was filtered using a traditional method by which the mash inside a cloth bag is slowly filtered by gravity without using any machinery, there may be cloudiness or sediment. However, this has no effect on product quality.
Please store it in a cool place after opening, as its flavor may degrade when exposed to hot summer temperatures.
As time passes, the vinegar will continue to age inside the bottle and will turn deep brown and will develop a mellow flavor. This is normal for unpasteurized fermented vinegar, so please consume it without worry.
Please dilute it when you drink it to reduce any irritation to your throat and stomach.